Not just a Party… a Super Party!


Have a Super Party of your own!


Create a fun night for all your friends

Earn Rewards from lots of companies all at once!

1 Party instead of 7

Save Time have a Super Party!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to find my vendors?

Your Super Party Network Team Captain will help you decide which vendors you would like to have at your Super Party. They will then coordinate and communicate.


How many people should I invite?

A Super Party can be very successful with as few as 6 or 7 guests however 10 – 12 is optimum. At Super Party Network we go by the adage…the more the merrier!

Who organizes all these vendors?

Your Team Captain will contact and organize all of the vendors. They will also provide the Swag Bags and any other Super Party Network materials needed.

Who provides food and beverages?

The Host/Hostess provides food and beverages for their guests.

How long do Super Parties last?

With the maximum number of vendors you can expect the organized part of a Super Party to last no more than 90 minutes allowing plenty of time for socializing and shopping.

Who supplies the invitations?

Your team captain will provide you with a customized Super Party invitation graphic that can be texted, emailed and used to create a Facebook event. If you would like paper invites we will mail those out on your behalf.

Am I eligible for Door Prizes?

Yes, just like your guests you are eligible for all door prizes and make sure you grab one of the awesome Swag Bags too!

How does the Hostess Rewards work?

Each company has their own Hostess Reward program. Your Team Captain will review once you’ve selected the vendors for your Super Party.

Can I get presales and sales after my Super Party to help with Hostess Rewards?

We encourage you to share catalogs, specials, and promotions with anyone unable to attend your Super Party before and afterward.

What if I think my home is too small?

You will be surprised that a lot of room is not required. Talk with your Team Captain about space planning and she/he will offer suggestions to insure your Super Party is a huge success!

What about tables?

Each Vendor will bring a table if needed. Your Team Captain will discuss what is needed when you meet to plan your Super Party.

I have friends in Direct Sales, can they participate in my Super Party?

Please check with your Team Captain before contacting them.

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