Super Party Network means More Opportunities!

Our Members Enjoy:

– A Premier Business Network specifically for Direct Sales

 Fun ways to enhance your business

 Working with friends.

 An easy way to Network.

Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity, that’s the name of our game!

A Community that appreciates it’s members

Branded system that is ready to GO! – Saves time!

Proven Party Plan that Guests love!

Get in front of more of your Core Customers.

 Opportunities for leverage

A Better Home Party Experience!

A perfect environment for new recruits

The SPN Way is good for Everyone






Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Click the JOIN NOW button and choose the level of membership that fits your need. To receive all of SuperPartyNetwork’s benefits and our BEST VALUE join as a “Pro Member”. Complete the online application and hit submit to have your application processed. Professional Members join for just $199 per year plus a one-time $50 Registration Fee. Super Party Captains are just $249/yr plus a one-time $50 Registration Fee. See application for other Membership options. Please use the Referral Code if you have one.

Which Membership Level is best for me?

Each new member needs to decide which Membership Level is the best fit. We can tell you that our Pro Membership Level is the best value for Direct Sales Professionals who are trying to build a business. Click the JOIN NOW button and choose the level of membership that is best for you.

Will I need to pay for party supplies?

Super Party Network has created colorful branded party supplies that are used at every Super Party. They are attractive and fun and are part of the overall success of the SPN System. The cost of SPN branded party supplies such as Swag Bags, pens, thank you notes, etc. are shared by the participating Vendors at each party and calculated based on the number of guests in attendance. So much better to share event costs than having to pay for it all on your own! Your Super Party Captain will calculate the party cost and notify you of your share. The cost is minimal since SPN does not profit from these supplies even though they design, create, order and warehouse everything so the supplies are ready for your use. How cool is that?

Why was Super Party Network Created?

The inventor of Super Party Network, Valerie Smiley, realized that Direct Sales was harder than they said it would be and kind of a lonely endeavor. Drawing from her love of networking and experience as a small business owner, she believes that we can all do so much more if we work together. She also noticed that the Home Party, (which is a great way to meet new people and sell our awesome products), was getting tired and people weren’t attending them like they used to. Super Party Network offers it’s members an opportunity to work together without competing and a proven party plan that attracts more guests. Together Everyone Achieves More!

As a Member Vendor, what do I need to do to participate in a Super Party?

First you must be a member of Super Party Network. Our Member Vendors follow a simple multi-vendor party plan. All of the items that you are asked to commit to were specifically designed with your success, the host and guests in mind. Everything you are asked to do should be familiar and you are probably doing most of the items already. Do you put out swag or marketing materials when you participate in vendor events? Do you have door prizes when someone books a party with you? Hopefully you are inviting guests to all events you attend to build your business. All of our Member Vendors do the following at every Super Party. This is the SPN Way:

  • Pay Party Fee. (Fees differ by membership level)
  • Not exceed the 8 minute presentation time limit.
  • Contribute appropriate vendor company materials and information to Party Swag Bags to be given to each attendee.
  • Contribute SWAG consisting of a small item of value to party Swag Bag given to each party guest. This item could be as simple as a bag of candy or other trinket. A sample of your product would also be appropriate.  (We want the guests to be excited that they received a small gift from you and be glad they attended.) This is also a perfect marketing opportunity for Member Vendors.
  • Provide a Door Prize with a minimum retail value of $25.
  • Provide Hostess Rewards tied to sales/booked parties/incentives.
  • Have at least one guest in attendance not invited by party hostess. (This could be a team mate, friend, neighbor, customer, prospect, etc.)
  • Do not discuss your company’s business opportunity, Distributorships or Recruitment during your presentation, Only present about products and services represented by your Membership.
  • Share the cost of Super Party Network branded materials used in the course of a Super Party.
  • Bring Super Party booking opportunities to SPN when you can.
  • Create a positive, happy, super fun experience for Hostess and her Guests.
  • Be considerate to Hostess and conscientious of her home and surroundings.
  • Operate with high ethical & professional standards.
Why would I want to be a Super Party Captain?

Our Super Party Captains have a great role with lots of benefits. As a SPN Super Party Captain you can enjoy the following:

  • Receive $5 Party Fee from the participating Member Vendor at your Super Parties.
  • Have first vendor opportunity for every Super Party that is booked through you.
  • Choose the members you want to work with. We like to say that you get to pick your friends. 🙂
  • Work in a preferred environment. If you like things done a certain way, this is the role for you!
  • Are you a Leader? – Opportunity to express your leadership skills, help others succeed, coach and guide other SPN members to shine using the SPN philosophy.
  • Earn while you share with our Referral Program and Win With “10” Program.

Planning to join as a Super Party Captain? Contact the Super Party Network home office for details and schedule your SPC training.

Why does each participating Member Vendor bring a guest to the Super Party?

This one activity helps grow everyone’s network and guarantees each Super Party is a success.

Who books the parties?

Booking Super Parties is the responsibility of the Super Party Captain, although everyone should want to contribute to the effort. SPN is continually promoting their brand and Super Parties. Our Marketing efforts are driven by the desire to benefit everyone in the network.

When it comes to Door prizes what is meant by "$25 retail value"?

Retail Value is measured by what a customer would expect to pay at full Retail price; not necessarily the cost of the giveaway item.

Will there be a competing vendor at a Super Party?

Each Super Party Captain works with the SP Host to decide what companies they will have at their Super Party. Our Hosts always decide what vendors they have at their Super Party. The Super Party Captain assists to insure that the offerings are well rounded and make sense. There may be companies at a Super Party with some overlapping product offerings but not direct competitors. Ex. Two jewelry companies would not be Vendors at the same Super Party.

How do I find a Super Party to vend at?

Join Super Party Network and then connect with our many Super Party Captains to network and share your availability. You can also call our home office to learn more and find Super Party Captains near you. You can also find Super Parties to attend as a guest, (networking opportunity), by logging into your SPN account  at & checking the Event Calendar. or Call/Text 231-499-0215

If I am not available to participate in a Super Party as a vendor, can I send someone from my company organization?

Only if they are a member of SPN. If you cannot participate, then the Super Party Captain will either find someone else from your company in SPN or work with the Host to choose another Company.

How many parties do I have to participate in?

It is at your discretion to accept or decline Super Party opportunities.

Are there any geographic restriction for participating in a Super Party?

Our Member Vendors can participate in any Super Party in any geographic location.

What other companies can I expect to work with at a Super Party?

We encourage Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies to join Super Party Network but also welcome select traditional small businesses to join SPN.

Can I book a solo party for my business from a guest at a Super Party?

Although we encourage our Member Vendors to book Super Parties, which creates opportunities that benefit other SPN Members, it is perfectly acceptable to book a party just for your company with anyone attending a Super Party.

As a Member Vendor am I able to Host my own Super Party?

Yes, in fact we encourage all Member Vendors to host a Super Party for themselves to experience it from the Host/Hostess perspective and share your network.

What is the difference between the Internal and Online Directory?

The Online Directory, included in the Pro and Social Membership, is published and searchable online. The Internal Directory is a listing of all SPN Members and is seen by Members Only. Super Party Captains use this directory when looking for vendors to participate in Super Parties.

What is the "SPN Marketplace"?

SPN Marketplaces are special Social Media pages or accounts that allow eligible members to post, sell, discuss their business freely. This one benefit is amazing if you are trying to create an online presence. Strict posting guidelines must be followed as the information you share directly affects not only the Super Party Network and Super Party brands but all SPN Member Vendors.

What is the "Cheerleader Package"?

Our Cheerleader Package is designed to get you the exposure you deserve and connected to the people (customers) you might need in your business. It’s not an ‘absolute’ since we never know what opportunities will present themselves. We can tell you it’s like having that extra someone, not only in your circle, but in your corner. Included in the Pro Membership level only; SPN will refer you, promote you, tag you, post about you…lots of things, whenever it may be appropriate.

Tell me about SPN Networking events?

Our Super Party Captains are in charge of hosting 4 SPN Networking events each year. It’s an opportunity to hang out with fellow SPN Members and build strong and true relationships. Each event will have a structure networking activity and the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell a bit about your business. Networking Events are added to the Events Calendar which can be accessed by logging into your SPN account.

How can the 30 Minute Coaching Call help me and my business?

The 30 Minute Coaching call that is included with all Pro Memberships is a one-time personal call with Valerie Smiley (Founder & CEO), to discuss your business and what you can do to be more successful. Valerie is an excellent at Brainstorming and Problem Solving and wants to help you win. Although Super Party Network will be discussed this goes much deeper than how to use SPN in your business. You can discuss any challenge during the call.

What kind of training and education do I receive with my membership?

We are always sharing good information, training, education and mentoring that can help with personal and business development. Your Membership Level will determine what training and education you have access too.

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