The Super Party Story

We created Super Party for you  based on


  • People are very busy and it’s difficult to attend home parties for all your friends.                
  • We still want the products offered by Direct Sales Reps.
  • We know our friends in Direct Sales need an outlet to share their products.
  • The home party is a proven model.
  • People love the Super Party experience.
  • Hosting Super Parties is great fun!
  • People can save time shopping for favorite products in one place at one time.
  • It is interesting learning about new companies.
  • Super Party guests love having a variety of companies and products at one home party.
  • Super Parties are fun and our guests receive perks not found in other settings.
  • People who host home parties earn rewards and get free stuff.
  • Similar events, (trunk shows, Girls Night Out, etc.), focus more on the vendor and how they will benefit than the guest/host. We think is should be the opposite!

"A Super Party"

Therefore, we created the Super Party with our Host and Guests in mind; where a person can host a home party consisting of 5-7 Direct Sales vendors and reap the hostess rewards from all the companies in one event. The party-goer can attend a Super Party knowing that they will have a “Super” experience with a more party like atmosphere and high-quality fun in exchange for their time. Our Guests also benefit by being able to shop from many of her favorite companies without attending several parties. They also may receive “Super” Perks, including super giveaways, super door prizes, extra samples and super takeaways and possibly even Super Specials only available during a Super Party.

New Opportunity for Direct Sales

In addition, we provide opportunities to Direct Sales Distributors/Consultants/Etc. through a membership based community. We have a fool-proof system that includes a branded home party experience known by consumers. Our community also provides quality networking between like-minded Network Marketing/Direct Sales Professionals. It’s the SPN Way!

Valerie Smiley, Founder & CEO

Valerie Smiley is a successful Entrepreneur who started her Interior Design business in 1992. While trying to stay connected to her Interior Design clients and prospects, she was introduced to SendOutCards which was her doorway to Direct Sales and Network Marketing. This led to Super Party Network. As Founder and CEO her vision is to help other Direct Sales Professionals find success through collaboration and cooperation and reinvigorate the Home Party Industry by creating a movement she calls “Social Shopping”. Her extensive business & networking background gives her a strong base to serve and help others succeed to their potential. Valerie believes that a positive attitude is an important principle for success and with a name like Smiley, you do what you can to bring positivity  to the world.

This is not your Mother's Home Party

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