Our Mission

Super Party Network is a business network specifically designed for Direct Sales Professionals. Our mission is to provide Direct Sales Professionals a branded system, community and party plan where cooperation, collaboration, fun and networking help them realize increased business success. This is known as “The SPN Way”. SPN provides the best Home Party experience through its network of Member Vendors that consumers love; a Super Party! Super Party Network is good for all involved.

Our Member Vendors subscribe to the SPN Way

  • The SPN Way exudes ethical and honest behavior, it is paramount to our success.
  • The SPN Way is conscientious, kind and gracious.
  • The SPN Way is supportive and we work together so everyone wins.
  • The SPN Way is about fun.
  • We are proud to be a part of the Direct Sales Industry.
  • We understand the value of the opportunity.
  • We want our members to reach their goals.
  • We believe in fairness and equal opportunity for all.

The SPN Core Values

  • We are committed to SPN being good for everyone.
  • We Value building relationships, networking and sharing our network with others.
  • We value the Home Party experience and believe it is an excellent Marketing tool.
  • Our Hostesses and their Guests come first – We work to ensure they have fun, they feel important and served.
  • We acknowledge the value of working together.
  • We value cooperation and collaboration.
  • We value a community that supports us.
  • We value being part of something bigger and knowing we are not alone.
  • We value friendships, opportunities and the support Super Party Network provides.



Together Everyone Achieves More