About Us

What Does the Super Party do?

We make it easy for individuals who want to host virtual parties, groups who want to enjoy virtual parties and corporates who want to treat their employees through unique treats.

How Does the Super Party do That?

We are the virtual organizers of the virtual parties. We handle all the logistics of planning the party from coordinating the food to interactive games. The food and drink will be served all over the world at the same time needed.

Our Story

Super party is born out of the concept of enjoying pizza and drink with friends while having a virtual call. Why can’t a virtual zoom call be turned into a real party with everyone enjoying food same time across the globe, thus bringing out the idea of super party. The super party team then started to implement the plan and result in super party. Remote work is here to stay. Remote parties have to be there and super party has become the mainstay for thousands of companies across the globe.

Media Press kit

If you’d like to write a story about Super Party or anything related to remote work, we’d love to be involved. Media inquiries can be directed to